Moka’s Welcome Page

Community Betterment, Cultural ; Racialized Survivor, Afro-Candian-Carribean, Trans Women of Color and Black Business Owner are the collectives of Moka Dawkins which translated into her 2020-2021 Inspire Award nomination for “Person Of The Year”.

Come to learn more about Moka Dawkins and her inspirational work and shared life experiences as a Canadian racialized trans/2s minority who was raised in proverty?

With academic engagement on racial trans & gender inclusivity, prision reforms, and black lives matter area of expertise. Moka Dawkins offers you an in depth communitive experience with insight to personal behaviours in areas many seem to overshadow in their integrated experiences with racialized marginalized minorites.

Presentor/panelist/consultant/guest educator/film feature, with the openess to be more, Moka is your diverse expert on matters relating to inclusive behaviors and removal of exisiting colonial homogeneous attitudes towards provished racialized Canadian peoples and communities.

Black Trans Communtiy Activist & Leader