About Moka Dawkins

Moka is a Black & Indigenous racialized trans/2s freedom fighter who experienced racial identity profiling and transphobia by the Toronto Police and Ontario’s provincial and federal judicial systems back in 2015. After nearly 5 years of incarcerated activism, Moka in her regained freedom continues to confront injustices of lack of civil protective legislations and it’s homogeneous effects for racialized gender and sexual differing identities. With current lgbtq2s+ societal & political issues of violence and murders on the rise, Moka’s target focus of educational awareness is furthering knowledge on positive integrated communications with the removal of exisiting predjudice relations towards black & lgbtq2s+ communities.

Moka’s accomplishments include her 2018 advocacy for reformative policies within Ontario’s provincial correctional system towards the equity & equality policy on identity rights and access to gender affirming canteen items for trans people being detained in provincial systems. Along with a 2020 and 2021 “Person Of The Year” nomination with Inspire Awards. Currently, Moka is a new 2023 alumni graduate of Centennial College of the Community and Justice Services program. Moka is employed part time with Toronto Metropolitan University as a Assistant Research and Development Specialist. Moka’s work resume excels currently with a Board of Director seat with Pride Toronto and Pride Toronto’s 2022 Trans Ambassador. Alongside all of that, Moka started her own not-for-profit & podcast T-Time Tips Productions which offers transitional health wellness and lifestyle advice to peoples undergoing hormonal therapy. T-Time Tips podcast is available exclusively at http://www.t-timetips.ca. 

You can also catch more of Moka and some of her life experiences in her reality life and death documentary “Surviving The Block” which depicts the 2015 life and death stab attack and attempted murder violence Moka survived from while being accused of murder from the Toronto’s Police Services. Surviving the Block is now available on OUT T.V. Moka is available for panel bookings/ guest lecture presentations and protest speech bookings by email:mokadawkins@gmail.com or online at http://www.mokadawkins.com

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